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RoseRose Lagace is an art department professional for film and television, and a filmmaker based in Toronto, Canada. Currently she is developing her own films as writer/director with Collective Friction and taking on freelance independent film work as a production designer.

As a production designer, Rose has designed and art directed dozens of projects to date. Her designs have screened all over the world and at many major film festivals. In 2010 she was the recipient of three ‘Best Production Design’ awards for the film, Patient, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. When not designing independent films Rose can also be found on union projects as an art department coordinator.

Rose is a member of the Directors Guild of Canada and has collaborated in various capacities with several top film, television, and media companies including: NBC Universal, Fox Searchlight, Revolver, the Canadian Film Centre, Bravo, the Toronto International Film Festival, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, The Toronto Star, Sun Media CorporationCTVglobemedia and the National Film Board of Canada.

Website | Twitter: @roselagace / @artdepartmental

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