TV SETS: ‘House’ Psychiatric Hospital Set Build


A great behind-the-scenes video with the Production Designer and Set Decorator of ‘House’:



“We create the environment, for them [the production team and shoot crew] to make you [the audience] believe.”


I’ve never done the modelscope trick before. I’ll be doing a scale model of a cabin build for the feature I’m currently in pre-production on right now. I’m definitely going to try that out. The director would love it.

This is a really great, albeit short, video of the process of production design and decoration. A lot of people just don’t understand the immense amount of time and work that goes into each set. It’s great to show it on such a well-known show too because it really brings it home for the audience.


I hope you enjoyed those four minutes as much as I did.


Rose XO.




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2 responses to “TV SETS: ‘House’ Psychiatric Hospital Set Build

  1. Amazing. Thank you for posting this video; this kind of work is so fascinating! I’m very impressed by how quickly the team comes up with set ideas and then realizes them for the production to start rolling. The deadlines are unbelievable! Wow!

  2. Art DepartMENTAL

    I’m glad you liked it. It’s all smoke and mirrors but what beautiful smoke and mirrors it is. I love every moment of the process even when things aren’t going my way. Not many people can say that.

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