My Absence

Just wanted to apologize for not posting much lately. I was sick for a while and now I’ve been working like a mad woman.

I designed a music video recently and have been prepping two feature films simultaneously which has been fairly difficult to say the least. I was also supposed to be designing 3 shorts but have had to replace myself due to picking up this feature I’ve been prepping for. We go to camera a week from today on the first feature and then the second feature goes to camera in early January. The film industry here in Toronto has suddenly become remarkably busy the last couple months which I didn’t anticipate when I started this blog. I’ve had a phone call or email everyday for new project offers for the last week and a half. Of course everything is shooting at the same time. Watch the rest of the winter be dead.

Anyhow I hope to be able to post about the films I’m working on but I’ll keep things vague for the sake of the rest of the crew and production itself. I don’t think they would enjoy me discussing specifics of a project we are currently working on. I’m looking forward to the next three months. I am very happy to be busy but with that comes stress. I also don’t want to let my blog fall to the wayside so I promise to make a concerted effort to keep posting during this busy time. I just figured I’d warn you all if I do disappear for a bit.

For now here’s a couple pictures of my dog dressed up for Halloween that make me happy and less stressed every time I see them:

Mr.Bojangles- HalloweenMr.Bojangles- Halloween 2008- Witch

JanglesMr.Bojangles- Halloween 2009- Spider Liberace?

So what are all of you people up to? Is this a busy month for everyone despite the economy? How do you fellow bloggers find time to blog? I’m finding it difficult to keep up.

Rose Lagace | @artdepartmental


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One response to “My Absence

  1. No kidding you are super busy! As you say, that’s good but stressful. Can’t wait to find out what you’re working on! You have such a fascinating job..

    Mr. Bojangles is adorable! I love his costumes- the witch hat is so fun! I wonder how long he kept it on.. I have a cat and he’s never worn a collar, so whenever I try to put stuff on him he just acts all broken and unable to walk. Too funny these pets!

    Happy Wednesday! Hang in there 🙂

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