SHAMELESS PLUG III: At Home By Myself… With You

Official Premiere of

“At Home By Myself… With You”

It’s official. “At Home By Myself… With You” has a distributor. Thank you Mongrel Media for having such impeccable taste in Canadian and International filmmaking. We now also have our official poster and our official trailer and our official ads in Now Magazine and Eye Weekly. To make this all even more official we are starting our theatrical run at the fantastic Royal Cinema here in Toronto at College and Clinton (which also has one of the most fabulous marquees in all of Toronto). So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE join in the fun and come see “At Home By Myself… With You” at the Royal if you live anywhere near Toronto or will be visiting from March 5-11. You can find dates and times, further news about the film, and ways to request the film in a theatre near you, at the Pocket Change Website where all of this began.

I fell in love with the script and I would have begged to work on this movie had they not asked me to do it first. Now I’ve fallen in love with this film. People keep telling me, “Well you have to like it since you worked on it.” The answer is always, “NO, actually, I don’t.” I have absolutely hated some projects I’ve worked on and wouldn’t recommend them to anyone let alone inform people I actually worked on such nonsense. Even if I like my work in a project I am pretty honest and I do not endorse films I don’t genuinely believe in. So having said that I will admit that I definitely fit the key demographic of the film, not to say that men won’t like it, but I’ve found in my experience men usually write off romantic comedies before they even watch them. It is a romantic comedy with a heart of gold and is cute as can be without being annoying or stupid. I love chick flicks BUT I downright loathe bad chick flicks (“27 Dresses”, “Valentine’s Day”, “When in Rome”, “The Ugly Truth”, “He’s Just Not That Into You”). “At Home By Myself… With You” fits into the good chick flick scenario (“Bridget Jones’ Diary”, “When Harry Met Sally”, “Lovely and Amazing”, “Shopgirl”, and most recently “Adam”). In my opinion I would most liken AHBMWY to “Adam” which was a small independent film out of NYC which did very well last year at Sundance and went on to be the indie darling of 2009. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it. Perhaps watch “Adam” and then come out to the Royal March 5-11 and see AHBMWY. It’s the perfect double bill and probably the most perfect date night choice out there in Toronto this coming weekend.

SO… now that I’ve talked this film up to pieces I think you should take a look at the fantastic new trailer. The trailer only begins to tell you what the film is about. I would attempt my own synopsis of the film but I think I’d give too much away. Just watch:

Go see it and support extraordinary independent Canadian Cinema! You’ll thank me for it later. I swear.

Rose XO.



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3 responses to “SHAMELESS PLUG III: At Home By Myself… With You

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  3. Exellent work.
    Well said.
    I will be back to check some more new info.
    Thank you,


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