TV SETS: The Good Wife

I have fallen in love with the sets of ‘The Good Wife’ as many, many of you have. To read up about the beautiful sets by Production Designer Stephen Hendrickson and Set Decorator Beth Kushnick in Beth Kushnick’s own words you have two new avenues: A Q&A by the Set Decorators Society of America or Beth Kushnick’s brand new blog at CBS to answer set decor questions from viewers.


“As a set decorator I think it is all about the details! Even though things like a collection of fortunes from fortune cookies placed in a bowl in the kitchen (which was my eight-year-old daughter’s contribution) or bedside table junk in the bedroom (coins, a random earring, a chiropractor’s business card) most likely will never be seen on screen, they give life to the sets and I find them very necessary to complete the lived-in feeling.”

Beth Kushnick, SDSA


Rose XO.


Sources: Set Decorators Society of America and CBS Broadcasting Inc., all photos by John Paul Filo/ CBS ©2009 CBS BROADCASTING INC.



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15 responses to “TV SETS: The Good Wife

  1. I love this show too, but I sometimes find my attention drifting from the show to the artwork. I especially love the office artwork and am always wanting to see it better.

  2. I agree. I love looking at the artwork on the walls. It’s always fun to get to source them too. I remember being particularly distracted by the artwork on the main set of ‘Frasier’. The artwork was very on point with who Frasier seemed to be.

  3. Linda Lee

    Where can I find the stuffed animal connected to the desk phone used in a scene in the episode called “Wrongful Termination (of The Good Wife)?

  4. One thing for sure, not only is Beth Kushnick a wonderful set decorator, but she creates sets that look good on camera from any angle. She has impeccable taste when it comes to selecting art. I’m sure we all agree!

  5. I would like to see the paintings in the law office displayed on this page. They are fantastic from what glimpses I have seen

  6. Katie

    DItto what Jim Said!

  7. I am going to attempt to contact Beth Kushnick to see if I can get information on the artwork in The Good Wife and ask her more about the selection process of said pieces. If I am successful I’ll write a new post solely about the artwork in The Good Wife.

  8. V Chase

    I found the artist for a couple of the paintings:
    Would very much like to see who the other artists are.

  9. K OBrien

    I love the painting of the 2 rowboats underneath her clock. Any idea who did that and where I could get a copy?

  10. Hi, I’m an artist and also love the work on the show, especially in the office. I’m so glad you have found out who the artist is, thank you. It has been bugging me since the first episode I saw. Cheers Sue

  11. Sturgis

    Just wanted to know if anyone could tell me where I could find and purchase the abstract art that hangs in Will’s and Dianne’s office on the Good Wife?

  12. Check out – I have supplied work for this show.

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