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DESIGN TALKS: ADG Production Design Panel at Comic Con in 2008

Over the weekend while updating Art Departmental’s Youtube Channel I decided to watch these videos below. I’ve seen them around for a while but because of their poor titling I wasn’t sure they’d interest me but boy was I wrong. This panel from 2008’s Comic Con ADG sponsored panel is full of insightful art department and design knowledge from some of the top Production Designers working today. J.Michael Riva and Alex McDowell provide many highlights. I particularly love the conversation about directors frequently having trouble visualizing what the sets will look like and how that is actually okay. It’s the designer’s responsibility to visualize NOT the director’s. I sometimes forget that. It’s really great if a director can easily visualize a film but if not it doesn’t mean in the slightest that they aren’t a great storyteller. The responses were very refreshing and inspiring.


Rose Lagace | @artdepartmental