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Water for Elephants graphic designer, Karen TenEyck shares her art department knowledge

I made a rule a while back that I wouldn’t reblog other people’s posts but I just found THE post that is making me break my own rule. So great I can’t not share this post from The Water For Elephants fan page with you all. The graphic designer of Water For Elephants shares her knowledge of the art department and her experience working under Jack Fisk, one of the greatest production designers of our time.

During the filming in Tennessee, we posted some crew pictures of the art department that caught my eye. What caught my eye wasn’t the actual picture but the comments the pictures were getting: Is that super art director, David Crank, at the table? Why yes it is! Oooo, la la. Now where’s Jack? xoxo OMG, it’s Jack Fisk and David Crank! I am in heaven!!!!! They are SOOOOOOOOOO awesome. The art department rocks!!! It’s just soooooooooo awesome to see … Read More

via Water for Elephants – The Movie Fan Site Starring Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon & Christoph Waltz


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