LINKS & STUFF: Gatsby, Star Trek & Liberace

It’s time to start up our Links & Stuff posts again. I sincerely thank you for your patience; it’s been far too long. If you want to stay in the loop before these posts roll around, follow Art DepartMENTAL on Twitter (@artdepartmental) and on Facebook where I post all the latest and greatest film, art, architecture and production design news and views.

Photo of the Month

Blood & Champagne is one of my favourite new websites for admiring high-end modern and post-modern interiors.

Links of the Month

Video of the Month

Director, Guillermo del Toro shows off the amazing “Interior Over-Sized Robot” practical set on Pacific Rim. Amazing stuff.

Which articles and links did you love this week? Let me know in the comments below.


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One response to “LINKS & STUFF: Gatsby, Star Trek & Liberace

  1. I love the link to the abandoned houses! Super creepy. Here’s a slightly similar link: abandoned suitcases of people locked away in an insane asylum:

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