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Welcome to Art Departmental! We celebrate the art of production design.

Art Departmental is a website dedicated to the art and craft of production design for film and television, written and created by a production designer and various art department personnel. It is our attempt to get you excited about production design while learning what we do in the art department and how we do it so well.

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2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) / MGM

What is Production Design?

Production design in the simplest of terms is the architecture, interior design, graphic design, product design, and fine art seen on screen in film and television. The on-screen visuals.

Every single colour, set, location, hand prop, or piece of practical lighting and furniture that you see on screen has been carefully selected or designed to enhance the plot, character arc, and overall tone- creating a cohesive visual story.

What you see in your favourite film or television show was most likely not found like that. This is the work of the production designer. This role is not to be mistaken for the work of the art director who works with the production designer as the head manager or administrator within the art department. The art director implements the production designer’s vision.

The director, cinematographer, and production designer work very closely together to decide the overall look and feel of a project. While the director may hold the ultimate vision of the whole project and the cinematographer chooses how best to light and shoot that project, the production designer decides what appears on screen (minus the actors and their wardrobe).

The production designer does this with the help of a large, highly skilled crew including the art director, the art department, the set decorator, the set decoration department, the property master, the props team, the construction coordinator and key scenic painter with their construction and paint teams.

For more information on production design and the art department, you might just have to read our blog posts as much as possible for best results.

Our Mission

At Art Departmental, our mission is to create informative content, provide quality resources, and connect film and television industry creatives in a positive and constructive environment. We are building an art department community around the idea that production design matters.

From the interior design enthusiast to the practicing architect, to the cinephile or fan, Art Departmental aims to make accessible a thorough understanding of production design and the art department for all who are interested.

Our mission is simple:

  • Inspirational content casting a spotlight on production design
  • Quality educational resources for film and television art department
  • Community creation and connection for all who are interested in production design, the art department, and filmmaking at large

Who Are We?

The royal “we” is often just our founder, editor, and working production designer Rose Lagacé. To learn more about Rose and her art department journey, click here.

In addition to Rose, we have assorted contributors who we reach out to occasionally for insightful new content. If you are interested in contributing to our site, let us know here. We are also in the process of adding dynamic new interns to our team three times a year which you can read about here.


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