Are you interested in becoming one of our dynamic new Art Departmental Contributors?

We are lucky to have various Art Departmental contributors who write for us occasionally, providing insightful new editorial content about production design, filmmaking, and the art department at large.

We are always looking for thoughtful new writers, so please feel free to contact us here if you have an idea for a post you would like to write for Art Departmental. We absolutely love hearing your ideas so please be specific about what you would like to write.

Take a look at those below who have already contributed their time and expertise to supporting Art Departmental. We can’t thank these lovely individuals enough. They are not only great writers, researchers, and interviewers- they are also art department rock stars!

Alison Harmsworth

Alison Harmsworth is a set designer based in Toronto. Her credits include 'Schitt's Creek', 'Good Witch', 'A Christmas Horror Story', 'Remedy', and 'Spun Out'.

Gary McMonnies

Gary McMonnies is an art department professional for film and television and is currently based in Los Angeles. His credits include 'Mindhunter', 'The Grinder', 'Battle Creek', 'Black Sails', and 'American Horror Story'. Gary has worked in England, South Africa, and the United States.

Matthew Clark

Matthew Clark is a graphic designer for film and television in the UK. Most recently he worked on graphics for 'Doctor Who', 'Red Dwarf', and 'Black Mirror'. Matthew is also a film design geek, full-time DeLorean evangelist, and lover of industrial design, constructivism, mid-century interiors, brutalism.

Rose Lagacé

Rose Lagacé is a production designer for film & television by day and an emerging filmmaker by night. Rose is also the creator and editor of Art Departmental where she celebrates the art and craft of production design.