Art Departmental is more than just a blog, we are a comprehensive and definitive production design resource for film and television creatives as well as a hub for the young and ambitious community of people who love the arts. For the past several years we have been connecting and inspiring film and television industry fans and professionals around the world. Today, more than 1M people have viewed our content and our social media following is growing at an increasingly steady pace.

We are very active on several social media platforms and have successfully gained a dedicated fan base of loyal and highly engaged followers through meaningful organic outreach. By the end of 2018 we are on track to more than double our social media engagement with an engagement rate doubling the national average.

Social Media Fan Base Stats 

  • Facebook Page: 4.5k+
  • Facebook Group: 9.5k+
  • Twitter: 11.5k+
  • Instagram: 7k+
  • Pinterest: 2k+

Art Departmental loves working with brands who share our unique view of the arts and entertainment industry and connecting them with our audience in ways that create collective value for all involved – whether through unique experiences, special events, or editorial projects.

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Featured image: Mad Men / AMC