The 24th Annual 2020 Satellite Awards Nominees for Best Production Design

The International Press Academy announced the 24th Annual 2020 Satellite Awards nominations in Motion Pictures and Television today. Take a look at the nominees for Best Production Design.

The International Press Academy announced the 24th Annual 2020 Satellite Awards nominees in Motion Pictures and Television today including their “Best Art Direction and Production Design” category which you can see below.

The nominees listed are directly from the International Press Academy (IPA) and have not been altered. On some films they nominate the Production Designer and the Art Director and on other films they nominate the Production Designer and the Set Decorator. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason for it and just like the odd titling of the production design category itself– they leave me underwhelmed with their knowledge of the current state of production design. I hope they change this in the future.

This year in total, James Mangold’s Ford v Ferrari leads the nominations count up against a tie between Noah Baumbach’s Marriage Story and Sam Mendes’ 1917, the International Press Academy jump-started Awards Season today by lining up the finest films of 2019 for the official 24th Satellite Awards Nominations announcement.

The IPA named Edward Norton (Motherless Brooklyn) as this year’s recipient of the Auteur Award. Director Rian Johnson’s Knives Out nabbed Best Ensemble: Motion Picture, and Succession made the grade for Best Ensemble: Television.

Additionally, IPA President Mirjana Van Blaricom noted that “for the first time, Alita Battle Angel,” which is nominated in several categories, “bridged the uncanny valley for viewers with total involvement. This cinematic shift in VFX was made possible by real human wizards.” Van Blaricom added: “It reminded me of Dorothy in 1939, when she opens the door to color. In other words, eighty years later movies like Alita and The Lion King have opened a new ‘door’ to a virtual world for us.”

The International Press Academy selects nominees from domestic and international submissions for 36 categories, 23 Motion Picture and 13 Television. Nominations are derived from advance screenings, film festivals worldwide (i.e.; BAFTA, Cannes, Sundance, Telluride, TIFF), as well as consideration screeners for individual journalists, and/or sanctioned links as available by the deadline. The Mary Pickford Award for Outstanding Artistic Contribution to the Entertainment Industry and the Tesla Award for Visionary Achievement in Filmmaking Technology will be announced in February.

The 24th Annual 2020 Satellite Awards will be held in February. For the full list of announced nominees, click here. If you are interested in the 23rd Satellite Awards nominees and winner of 2019, click here.

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The 24th Annual 2020 Satellite Awards Nominees for Best Production Design

1917 film | Production Designer: Dennis Gassner


Production Designer: Dennis Gassner
Set Decorator: Lee Sandales

Ford v. Ferrari Production Design

Ford v Ferrari

Production Designer: François Audouy
Set Decorator:Peter Lando

Joker production design


Production Designer: Mark Friedberg
Supervising Art Director: Laura Ballinger

Motherless Brooklyn


Production Designer: Beth Mickle
Art Director: Michael Ahern

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Production Designer: Barbara Ling
Set Decorator: Nancy Haigh

The Two Popes production design

The Two Popes

Production Designer: Mark Tildesley
Art Director: Saverio Sammali

For a full list of the 24th Annual 2020 Satellite Awards nominees, click here.

Which nominees are you rooting for? Which films do you feel were snubbed? As always, I’d really love to know your thoughts in the comments below.


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