The Artist Project 2019 Edition Shines Bright: Our Top 15 Favourite Artists

At The Artist Project 2019, we were blown away by the breadth and depth of the work we viewed this year. Come explore our top 20 favourite picks from Toronto’s best contemporary art fair.

Toronto’s most successful contemporary art fair returned in late February, connecting artists from a variety of methods to showcase their talents at the 12th annual edition of The Artist Project 2019.

Hosted at the Better Living Centre inside Exhibition Place, the art fair opened its doors to artists, collectors, curators, art fans, and new art lovers to bring together over 300 emerging or established Canadian and international artists.

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The shop-friendly gallery experience intimately connected guests with artists for a more personal experience with art. Guests could ask the various artist’s questions about their craft and buy on the spot for their home, collection, or gallery. Attendees also enjoyed interactive installations, live artist competitions, and engaging Art Chats and Art Walks.

Personally, it’s a chance for me to see what’s new, see where art in my city is headed, and to see if there are any artists I’d like to work within the future by placing their work in a film or television project since as a production designer I’m always in need of great artwork.

What I loved about The Artist Project 2019 edition was the sheer quality of the artwork, especially considering the various price points. There were a few artists with whom I felt were undercharging for their work, so I found it’s the best place to purchase art in Toronto if you’re looking to buy high quality, original, and affordable art directly from the artist.

One of the reasons this art fair exists is to show people that owning great artwork is not merely for the wealthy elite. Phenomenal artwork is available in your city at a price you can likely afford. You should try not to relegate yourself to bargain basement disposable department store art which will ultimately hold very little meaning for you in your home.

When you buy a piece of art directly from an artist at The Artist Project, you are not only supporting their business and helping the artist pay their bills, but you also get the joy of watching their career grow over time. The art piece you purchase may potentially increase in value so you can also consider it an investment if you’d like. However, even if the resale value never grows, you still own an original piece of artwork that you love which no cheap reproduction can beat.

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Below I’ve listed my top 15 favourite artists at The Artist Project 2019. Two of these artists listed even made me tear up upon viewing their work. I don’t think any of the photos possibly do these pieces justice, but I hope you can see what I saw in each of these artist’s works.

While I’ll fully admit that any large scale art fair will be hit and miss I must also say that I was pleasantly surprised this year by the quality, breadth, and depth of many of the showings. This was a solid year for The Artist Project so I hope they can keep up the forward momentum for year’s to come.

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A Look at The Artist Project 2019

Alex Garant

Website | Instagram

Eunshin Grace Kim

Website | Instagram

Gordon Shadrach

Website | Instagram

Michelle Winters

Website | Instagram

Janette Hayhoe

Website | Instagram

Florence Solis

Website | Instagram

Andrew Cheddie Sookrah

Website | Instagram

Mike Smalley

Website | Instagram

Heather Fraser

Website | Instagram

Jason Soule

Website | Instagram

Vanessa Sylvain

Website | Instagram

Jennifer Elliotson

Website | Instagram

Lori Harrison

Website | Instagram

Lori Mirabelli

Website | Instagram

Anthony Vandertuin

Website | Instagram

The Artist Project 2019 took place on Thursday, February 21, 2019, to Sunday, February 24, 2019, in Toronto. For more information on next year’s edition of this contemporary art fair, please visit their official website.

The Artist Project 2019

The Artist Project Opening Night Party

Have you been to The Artist Project before? What did you think of this year’s exhibition? Which artist or art piece was your favourite? We’d love to know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. I’m just seeing your list now. So great that you included me as one of your top 15! Amazing! Thank you so much. Hope to see you at the show this year. 🙂


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