Children’s Drawings: How Kid’s Draw

Children’s drawings are hard to fake but here are some tips on how kid’s draw when they are very young and still developing their art skills.

Often times in the art department we are forced to create or procure children’s drawings in order to dress a film or television set to make it more realistic. This has often led me to studying how kid’s draw. What I have come to realise over and over again is that kid’s artwork should almost always be done by actual children. Adults are far too coordinated and psychologically advanced.

“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Pablo Picasso

If you have the opportunity to create connections with parents or primary school teachers you should do so in order to obtain actual genuine children’s art. Make sure not to forget to get an artwork release form signed if you do this. However if it isn’t possible for you to get the real thing and you’re stuck trying to draw like a child, below are some kid’s drawing tips.

Children draw full bodies. They may not always include a torso but they will always include limbs representing the body. Children can not conceptualize the bodies different parts thus they can not draw them separately. It is only in bad movies where you will see a floating head without the body attached.

Children draw men more often than women. When they do draw women they tend to be little girls and not little boys. The exception to this is when they are drawing multiple people in a group such as their family unit.

Children care very little about technical skill. Their priority is to get their idea from their imagination onto the page with very little concern as to how it is done. There is spontaneity in children’s artwork compared to the self-imposed judgment and structure of adult artwork.

Children are still developing their motor skills and so you should try drawing with your left hand and holding the drawing tool closer to the top so you have less control over the instrument.

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Children’s Drawings

Notice that even though the people are in a boat their entire bodies are shown as well as the fish and birds.

how kid's draw

How Kid’s Draw and Why It Matters

Have you ever noticed any films or television shows where the children’s artwork was so obviously faked? Would you add any other tips on how kid’s draw?

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