Dante Ferretti’s Oscar Speech for Best Art Direction in 2012

Dante Ferretti’s Oscar speech at the 2012 Academy Awards for Best Art Direction was a beautiful ode to Martin Scorsese and Italy but better than that was that he was the only person to thank his crew at the Oscars this year.

Dante Ferretti’s Oscar speech was the only one that thanked his crew last night.

Films get made on the backs of their crew and I was so pleased to see that Dante respects his crew enough to thank them. It was lovely to see him win his 3rd Oscar for his staggering work on Hugo which topped my list for best production design this past year. For once the Academy had it right.

For a list of all the nominees and winners of the 84th Academy Awards, click here.

Production Designer Dante Ferretti’s Oscar Speech at the 2012 Academy Awards

“Thank you to the Academy for this prestigious award. A great thank you goes to the producer Graham King and Tim Headington. To all my art department. But the most of all my very special thank you to a eccezionale of director who guide us through this wonderful journey, Martin Scorsese. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much. Grazie, Martin.”

– Dante Ferretti, Production Designer

“This is for Martin and for Italy.”

– Francesca Lo Schiavo, Set Decorator

Were you happy with Hugo winning the Academy Award for Best Art Direction? Did you enjoy the 2012 Oscars?

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  1. Francesca Lo Schiavo didn’t thank her team – what a surprise!!!


    1. I think she was afraid to be cutoff and was lucky to get a word in edgewise. Given the reception they receive in Italy they had to make sure to mention Italy. It is too bad she didn’t mention her set dec team though. I was a little surprised nobody but Dante thanked their team.


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