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ADG Production Design Panel at Comic Con 2008

This production design panel from 2008’s Comic Con ADG event is full of insightful art department and design knowledge from some of the top Production Designers working today including J. Michael Riva and Alex McDowell.

Designing the Creatures for Where the Wild Things Are

Now with the DVD alive and kicking I find myself more and more in love with the design of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. The DVD’s special features, or lack thereof, leave

DESIGN TALKS: Ralph Eggleston

STORYTELLING IS KEY I stumbled upon these videos of this seminar with Ralph Eggleston, Production Designer and Art Director at Pixar. They are from the Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2009 in Norway which

DESIGN TALKS: Barbara Hulanicki

  I am fascinated by Barbara Hulanicki. At this years Interior Design Show in Toronto, Barbara Hulanicki came to speak about her immense career and her attitudes towards design. Ever since I have been