Edoardo Tresoldi Creates Deconstructed Wire Mesh Cathedral for Marcelo Burlon at Milan Fashion Week

Milan-based artist Edoardo Tresoldi created a delicate and deconstructed wire mesh cathedral for Marcelo Burlon on the runway at Milan Fashion Week.

Fashion designer Marcelo Burlon’s County of Milan unveiled artist and architect Edoardo Tresoldi’s brand new art installation on his S/S 2019 runway show at Milan Fashion Week. Taking place at the Palazzo delle Scintille, Edoardo Tresoldi’s wire mesh deconstructed cathedral sculpture hung in grand fashion above the runway in delicately separated pieces as an ethereal ode to the Neoclassical era with a ’90s techno funk twist coming from Marcelo Burlon’s new designs.

“A dynamic and iridescent space is outlined, in which it becomes possible to experience a pure, ethereal dimension.”

Edoardo Tresoldi studied under the tutelage of painter Mario Straforini at a young age and later educated himself in other creative fields such as cinema, music, scenography, and sculpture. He has been experimenting and creating with wire mesh public sculptures since 2013. At the age of 29, he restored the Basilica paleocristiana of Siponto with the help of the Italian Ministry of Culture in 2016. For this work he was awarded the Gold Medal for Italian Architecture in 2018, the most prestigious Italian architecture award in existence. In 2018 he dazzled audiences at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival after unleashing “Etherea inspired by both Baroque and Neoclassical architecture, which he described as, “a dedicated space where the sky and clouds are narrated through the language of classical architecture.”

His thought process and style which he has named The Absent Matter is about playing with the “transparency of mesh and with industrial materials to transcend the time-space dimension and narrate a dialogue between Art and World, a visual summary which reveals itself in the fade-out of physical limitations. Mixing classical and modern language, he generates a third one, strongly contemporary.” Adding on his website, “A dynamic and iridescent space is outlined, in which it becomes possible to experience a pure, ethereal dimension, in continuous dialogue with the contemporary surroundings, understood as a blending of cultural, social and identity codes, whose acts become constituent parts of the artwork.”

Edoardo Tresoldi's deconstructed wire mesh cathedral hung in grand fashion above the Marcelo Burlon County of Milan runway. Share on X

Edoardo Tresoldi for Marcelo Burlon at S/S 2019 Milan Fashion Week

Photo by: Roberto Conte

See more from Edoardo Tresoldi’s beautiful work here, and Marcelo Burlon’s County of Milan here. All photos by Roberto Conte. You can see more of his stunning architectural photos here.

Photo by: Roberto Conte

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  1. Amazing work! Such Craft, it’s wire mesh? oh my that is fantastic. To think in shops we used and some still do use like us at IWS, wire mesh or chicken wire, plaster, wood, etc. for set construction. Amazing work. Cheers! Salute! L’Chaim! to Art Departments all over this World! *applause*


  2. Wow! what a work love the designing by Wire Mesh


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