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Hellvetica Typeface | Hellvetica Font

This Hellvetica Typeface Will Make You Nauseous

In the spirit of Halloween, prepare to be petrified by this Hellvetica typeface developed by creative director Zack Roif and designed by Matthew Woodward.

Designing Graphic Props for Filmmaking
Designing Graphic Props for Film, By Annie Atkins

Graphic Designer Annie Atkins Writes New Book: Designing Graphic Props for Filmmaking

Annie Atkins new book, Fake Love Letters, Forged Telegrams, and Prison Escape Maps: Designing Graphic Props for Filmmaking is available for pre-order now.

Movie Poster Design with Movie Poster Artist James Verdesoto

Movie Poster Design Principles Explained by Movie Poster Artist James Verdesoto

Movie Poster Artist expert James Verdesoto explains movie poster design fundamentals in these videos analyzing dozens of movie posters.

POSTER DESIGN: Black Swan (2010)

I stand in awe of these brand new international posters released 2 weeks ago from the UK for Darren Aronofsky’s latest and possibly greatest film ‘Black Swan’. Wow. Wow. Wow. White +

Periodic Table of Typefaces

I fell in love with this Periodic Table of Typefaces after seeing it on a colleagues Facebook page. Click on the poster and zoom in to read it. It lists the top