LINKS & STUFF 05/17: Guardians Vol. 2, Alien Covenant and Star Wars

Here’s your round up of the latest and greatest film, television, art, architecture, and design related internet finds this month.

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Photo of the Month

This month I had the great opportunity to teach 16 little girls about production design at my local Girl Guides of Canada career night. I was invited to speak about what I do for a living as a production designer. I found myself amazed by how much these little girls already knew about what we do. Harry Potter behind-the-scenes books and featurettes for the win.

Links of the Month

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is now in theaters and I’ve seen it twice. I am slightly obsessed with Baby Groot. The opening dance sequence is just too cute. I did some digging and found this interview with production designer Scott Chambliss about his work on the film and I also found this rundown of how select sets looked during the shoot and what they look like in the film after a layer of CGI.
  • The Blade Runner 2049 trailer was released this month and wow, wow, wow, does it look amazing in every way. I’m a huge fan of Denis Villeneuve and it looks like he’s exceeded all expectations if this trailer is any indication.
  • Last week the Star Trek- Discovery First Look Trailer was also released to the public. The biggest uproar has been about the new Captain being a woman and a minority no less. How dare they be inclusive and diverse in their casting. It should be no surprise I think this is stupid and not worth talking about. What I’m really excited to see is how they reboot the Star Trek series and give it a new look. I’ve heard through the grapevine that they’ll be doing some cutting edge things with motion graphics on the new show.
  • Ridley Scott’s latest film Alien: Covenant was released this month. Check out this article on how the design team helped Ridley Scott realize his vision for the film.
  • Star Wars celebrated its 40th anniversary this month. It’s hard to believe. Here’s 40 things that happened because of Star Wars and its galaxy far, far away.
  • A new website called The Shit List has been created to showcase companies failing to pay freelancers. They intend it to also be a way to check the list to see if the new company you are working for is on it. A vetting process. I have a feeling lawyers will be getting involved to take it down but it’s an interesting site nonetheless.
  • Production designer Charisse Cardenas discusses her work on the young romance film Everything, Everything and explains how she likes actors who engage with the production design of the film they are starring in. Me too!
  • Sofia Coppola wins best director at Cannes for her new film The Beguiled. She is only the second female director ever to do so. The Square won the Palme D’or at Cannes.

Video of the Month

I love this video I found this month showcasing so many ways an image can tell us a story without dialogue.

Which articles and links did you love this month? I would love to know in the comments below.

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