Concept Designer and Artist H.R. Giger Quote on Quality Control

‘Alien’ concept designer, H.R. Giger, considers the good fortune if even just one scene turns out the way it was initially planned, taking in great consideration the idea of quality control.

“One should be delighted for the good fortune if even just one scene turns out the way it was planned. I can understand why a director like Ridley Scott won’t let a film out of his sight once he’s started on it. I can also understand why, once the film has been released, he races from one cinema to the next in order to check the quality. I have seen, too, how important it is to have a director who is so versatile that he can step in as top man in any field. Only then can you hope for quality. In the future I shall only work with directors I can admire. How much money you make along the way is unimportant, but when you’ve fanatically dedicated a year of your life to what ends up as a bad film that you will be forced to watch on TV for years to come – that’s really depressing. You can’t hide a third-rate film, unfortunately. So you can be secretly glad if you don’t get a fair mention in the screen credits.”

H.R. Giger

While Giger’s work gave me nightmares there’s no question he was a visionary of the highest order. What was your favourite of his creations?

Source: Giger, H.R.. HR Giger’s Film Design. Switzerland: Morpheus International, 1996. Print.

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