QUOTE OF THE DAY: Waiting on Art

“A production is only as fast as its slowest department, and the last thing you want is for your department to be slow.”

-Lloyd Ahern, ASC

I loathe hearing “Waiting on art” or “Waiting on props”. It’s every departments least favourite thing to hear, “Waiting on ——-“. It’s nerve-racking. It’s not the AD’s fault that he has to say that. The other departments need to stay informed as to why they are not shooting at any given moment despite a bunch of people standing around minus the department who is scrambling to get what they need to get done in the least amount of time so the camera can roll and the schedule can remain in tact.

If your department is repeatedly slow, the likelihood of continued work with the same people is unlikely. It’s kind of a dealbreaker.


Posted by Rose Lagacé

Rose Lagacé is a production designer for film & television by day and an emerging filmmaker by night. Rose is also the creator and editor of Art Departmental where she celebrates the art and craft of production design.

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