INSPIRATION: Iris van Herpen Couture at Paris Fashion Week 2019

Delve into the various couture gowns of fashion designer Iris van Herpen over the last few years at Paris Fashion Week. Many of her dresses combine unusual materials and 3D printed elements which provide their own unique character to her work.

Iris van Herpen Couture at Paris Fashion WeekIris van Herpen couture at Paris Fashion Week is always a highlight every year but this year I truly feel the fashion designer outdid herself. It’s been wonderful to see her couture line evolve the way it has and I’ve gained so much inspiration from her garments for my own projects.

Check out some of her work below.

Shift Souls- Iris van Herpen Couture at Paris Fashion Week 2019

Ludi Naturae- Iris van Herpen Couture at Paris Fashion Week 2018

Between the Lines- Iris van Herpen Couture at Paris Fashion Week 2017

“One thing that I really don’t want- to be part of is mass production…being aware that most of it won’t be sold and will just be destroyed….I think it’s much more of a challenge to start thinking, what are other ways of creating clothes? 3D printing is one possibility we have now, but I really feel that there is much more [that is] possible in the near future. I couldn’t tell you now what it will be or how, but I really feel that it can be a lot simpler than it is now. It’s a complex process of the sketch to the toiles to the samples to factory to the showroom to the shop to the customer. I feel that it can be a lot easier, and you see it changing with music or video and other things, and I really think that ‘materiality’ will change also in process.”

-Iris van Herpen

Do you have a favourite design by Iris van Herpen? Who’s your favourite fashion designer or fashion house?

Rose Lagacé | @artdepartmental

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