INSPIRATION: Rob Dobi’s Urban Exploration

Rob Dobi is a graphic designer and photographer living in New Jersey. His T-shirt designs are fantastic, but what really inspires me are his photographs of abandoned buildings of the Northeastern United States.

Dobi makes the decomposing architecture of old asylums, industrial plants, hotels, and other forgotten places look vibrant and beautiful. He has a great eye for finding compositions that highlight the silence that these buildings and the items the previous owners left behind have been sitting in for years.

I could sit for hours thinking about the multitude of people that spent time at the institutions in Rob Dobi’s photographs – who they were, what happened to them, what it was like to live and work inside these rooms, and what these once bustling buildings looked like in their glory days. It gets my creativity flowing and I hope it gets your creativity flowing, too.

You can browse through Rob’s galleries either at New England Ruins, his Flickr, or his Imagekind store.

Power Plant

Power Plant

"Doctor Is In"

“Doctor Is In”

Greystone Park State Hospital

Greystone Park State Hospital

Fairfield Hills State Hospital

Fairfield Hills State Hospital


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