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INSPIRATION: Jean-Michel Basquiat & The Radiant Child

“Every line means something.” – Jean-Michel Basquiat A couple of weeks ago I had the extreme pleasure of watching Tamra Davis‘ documentary, Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child and a few days later,

Photorealism Inspiration

Embracing photographic sources, photorealism emerged in the 1960s transforming mundane scenes into vibrant paintings with intricate brushwork.

INSPIRATION: Rob Dobi’s Urban Exploration

Rob Dobi is a graphic designer and photographer living in New Jersey. His T-shirt designs are fantastic, but what really inspires me are his photographs of abandoned buildings of the Northeastern United

The Enigmatic Work of Street Photographer Vivian Maier

The last few months the works of Vivian Maier have been circulating over social media networks. I only discovered her work a few weeks ago and since then it has haunted me…

Aristotle Quotes About Self-Discipline

Aristotle Quotes About Self-Discipline

Aristotle’s quotes about self-discipline reveal a nuanced understanding of virtue, habits, and the Golden Mean, providing great career insight.

Sand Animation

Sand Animation: The Work of Sand Artist Kseniya Simonova

To make sand animation films, sand is moved on a backlit or front-lit piece of glass to create each frame.

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Ansel Adams house

A Visit to Ansel Adams House

Check out this video showcasing the work of Ansel Adams in the very home that breathed his creativity.

Roberto Cavalli home in Florence by architect Italo Rota

Roberto Cavalli’s House in Florence is the Ultimate Guy Pad

Roberto Cavalli commissioned Italian architect Italo Rota to design and construct this glorious structure in Florence on his 32 acre property.