LINKS & STUFF: The Designer’s Toolkit, Pantone and The Help

Here’s your round up of the latest and greatest film, art, and design related internet finds this month


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Photo of the Month

Designers were asked around the world which apps they most used for their various design needs. Click the graphic above for the full infographic with all the results.

Links of the Month

  • Production Designer, Clay Griffith talks about his past art department work and gives some insight into the design of We Bought A Zoo including a few drawings which illustrate how they built the zoo in the film.

Video of the Month

How was your week? Did you find any great links online this week?


Posted by Alison Hickey

Alison Hickey is a set designer based in Toronto. Her credits include 'Schitt's Creek', 'The Good Witch', 'Remedy', and 'Spun Out'.

  1. Great post on Designer’s Toolkit, especially the results for wireframing tools. I had been using Balsamiq, but didn’t care for it at all. Right now I am using Protoshare because one of my clients turned me on to it. It’s not the most user friendly application out there, but it’s got better features than Balsamiq.

    Your blog is the best link I’ve found this week, but here’s a recent news article on Apple’s superstar design chief, Jonathan Ive from BBC News:

    Happy New Year. Alison, I love your blog!


  2. Thank you! The blog is really the brainchild of Rose, though. And thanks for sharing the great link. Happy New Year to you as well Joanne! 🙂


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