LINKS & STUFF: ADG Awards, Google Art Project, and The Social Network

It’s that time again. Time for our bi-weekly Links & Stuff post. If you want to stay in the loop before the weekend rolls around follow ADM on Twitter (@artdepartmental) and on our brand new Facebook page where I post all the latest and greatest Film, Art, and Production Design news. You can find the last Links & Stuff post here.

Photo of the Month

Presenter, Yvette Brown with Contemporary Film winner, Therese DePrez at the ADG Awards (via @adg800)

Links of the Month

  • The Art Director’s Guild Awards were held on Saturday. Unfortunately they are not broadcast on television nor live streamed online. Live streaming is something they should really look into doing next year. You can find out the winners here. Right now on the ADG website you can also watch clips from the different winners.
  • While visiting the ADG website I noticed the new February/March edition of their magazine Perspective has been issued which you can download here.
  • Last week I was amazed by the Google Art Project. My jaw literally dropped when I saw this. It is such a good idea, why hadn’t anyone done this yet? Then again after you watch how they did it you will see what a pricey endeavor it must have been. To find out more about the project watch the video below. (Edit 04/30/17: Original video is unavailable. We’ve added this video as a replacement)

Video of the Month

My favourite video find in a long time is below. How can you not just fall madly in love with Scorsese. I just want to squeeze his cheeks.

Thoughts? Have you came across any fascinating links, stories or articles this week that you would recommend?

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