LINKS & STUFF 02/11: BAFTA’s, Berlin, 127 Hours, and an Eight Hour Workday?

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Photo of the Month

Guy Hendrix Dyas accepts the Best Production Design BAFTA award for Inception with Larry Dias and Doug Mowat

Links of the Month

  • Saturday, February 19th The Berlin International Film Festival came to a close in grand fashion handing out the Silver Bear in a joint award for Outstanding Artistic Achievement to Production Designer, Barbara Enriquez and Cinematographer, Wojciech Staron for Paula Markovitch’s Argentinian film El Premio (The Prize). My interest is definitely piqued. I can’t wait to see the film. For a list of all the winners click here.
  • Eight Hours for Hollywood is a fascinating article in support of an eight hour workday for the film & tv industry. Depending on which production center you work in a normal workday is no less than 12-14 hours. I hear in Prague and other European cities they only do a 10 hour day and keep the same amount of productivity. Truly a great read for those who have ever felt they were putting their life at risk just driving home at night after a long, stressful and often grueling day. A wake up call really.
  • From Sketch to Still- a Visual History of 127 Hours’ Set Design– I’m really impressed by this article released by Vanity Fair last week. It’s not often you get any real insight into the production design process of a big film but Suttirat Larlarb lets us in not only with this great article but the nine behind-the-scenes photos and drawings from the making of the film. I still can’t believe the set was constructed in an abandoned furniture warehouse?!
  • It’s an Art- The Art of Arranging– I really enjoyed this blog post from Layers and Layers whose blog I’ve read for a while now. While she speaks of styling from an interior design perspective I think of it from a set decoration perspective. Now of course the methods which she lists can only work for certain characters I go about it by arranging first by what pleases the eye and then after I make it as beautiful as possible I break away at it. If you look at films like The Devil Wears Prada, Something’s Gotta Give, and It’s Complicated you can see a lot of these techniques being put to good use.
  • Apparently in Los Angeles right now Banksy has taken to the streets again and is reminding everyone he is nominated next Sunday for an Oscar in the Best Documentary Feature category for his film Exit Through the Gift Shop. The film is definitely one of my favourites of the year making my 2010 top ten list which I will debut here on Oscar Sunday. Check out Banksy’s street art Oscar campaign here.

Thoughts? Have you come across any fascinating links, stories or articles this week that you would recommend?

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