From the Sketchbook of Black Swan Production Designer, Thérèse DePrez

Exclusive to Art Departmental, here is a very special post from the mind of production designer, Thérèse DePrez for all of you hardcore art department geeks like I am.

As a huge fan of Thérèse DePrez, I knew (as some of you may have seen in the Black Swan production design featurette below) that Thérèse DePrez keeps a sketchbook which basically documents the entire production design process. In fact she does this for all of the films she production designs which can be very useful during production to keep everything straight.

Below are six photos of the inside of her Black Swan sketchbook which beautifully sums up the extraordinary behind-the scenes detailed work of her art department headed by the amazing Thérèse DePrez on Black Swan.


Left: Mock up of Beth Macintyre (Winona Ryder) poster | Right: Production Meeting notes, notice the colour-coding of the notes for different departments

Reference images for the pink visual palette of the film.

Sun-prints Thérèse DePrez made to turn into wallpaper for Erica Sayers’ (Barbara Hershey’s) bedroom set.

Stage and lighting plan for Swan Lake stage scenes. Notice the fantastic logo on the bottom right. The UK Black Swan posters are very reminiscent of this.

Photoshop image of potential drops/graphics for ballet rehearsal room set.

Initial rough models for Swan Lake set piece. Moving cliff set.

Are you familiar with Thérèse DePrez’ work? How did you feel about Black Swan? After viewing these photos, notes, drawings, models, reference images, don’t you just want to work in the art department (if you aren’t already)? As seen in these photos, it’s pretty fulfilling work if you can get it.

Rose Lagace | @artdepartmental

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Rose Lagacé is a production designer for film & television by day and an emerging filmmaker by night. Rose is also the creator and editor of Art Departmental where she celebrates the art and craft of production design.

  1. Muchas felicidades, es un documento único e interesantísimo.


  2. This post is such a great look into how much time, thought, and detail actually goes into every shot. It fills my heart with art department joy!! 😀


  3. Hey, I just randomly stumbled across your blog and am in awe — there’s not a lot out there for Art Dept junkies like myself! It’s amazing to see how a genius like Thérèse DePrez works. I had to comment to let you know that you can find excerpts from her sketchbooks for “Summer of Sam” here: [Disclaimer: I do work for ESOPUS magazine, which is why I immediately thought of it when I saw this post! 🙂 ]


  4. Great resource.


  5. Could be the best piece on here…


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