How to Use a Tape Measure Correctly: Imperial Measurements

Just when you think you know how to use a tape measure it turns out there is a lot more to it that you can use to do faster measurements with ease.

Everyone thinks they know how to use a tape measure until they try to measure a precise space and realize something in their measurement readings was off. Often it’s the simplest mistake or a mathematic calculation done incorrectly when in a rush.

Below are two very useful videos I found to make sure you never make a costly mistake again forcing you to go back out and measure everything all over again.

I’ve been measuring spaces a long time and even I didn’t know that the tiny whole on the metal piece of a measuring tape is for hooking it to a nail. That’s very good to know so I hope you benefit from this information as much as I did.

How to Use a Tape Measure

Tape Measure Pro Tips

Was this helpful? Is there anything else you’d like to learn about tape measures or how to use a tape measure?

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