The Motion Picture Art Director

Take a look at these diagrams detailing the work of the motion picture art director from 1940 and 1994.


This drawing from the 1940’s was used to help people understand the job of the art director and the art department in the motion picture industry. The term Production Designer for the role of the Art Director was not yet being used widely as it is today so the production designer is referred to as Art Director for the purposes of this diagram.

Some co-workers and I are on the hunt for the comedic version of this diagram that exists and also any information on who created it and when it was created. Many art departments often have the funny one hanging up in the art department office. I used to have a hard copy of it and I somehow lost it and one of my co-workers had one and he lost it and we can’t seem to find it online. Please email me or comment below if you have any information on where I can get a hold of the funny diagram version mentioned above. It is my mission to find this diagram. Please help!

EDIT: Found it! Randall Wilkins created the updated comedic version in 1994 which he writes about here:


Rose Lagacé | @artdepartmental

Sources: ADG- Local 800 IATSE, The Designers Assistant

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  1. Hi Rose,

    That was my doing. I’ll be happy to send you the scan of the original.

    Randy Wilkins


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