Wes Anderson Style: How to Create the Wes Anderson Look in Your Home

In this article Savoy Stewart takes us through the 7 key rules to achieving the unique aesthetic of Wes Anderson’s films like ‘Moonrise Kingdom’, ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’, and ‘Asteroid City’ in your own home.

Hosting an astounding influence within pop culture, fashion, interior design and social media, Wes Anderson and the Wes Anderson look has risen to fame with unique visuals and narrative style. Anderson’s latest film, Asteroid City, recently hit cinema screens. Many are trying to emulate his iconic style with the hashtag #wesandersonaesthetic, boasting a huge 77 million views on TikTok.

Achieving the Wes Anderson look in your home involves infusing a whimsical blend of vintage charm and meticulous symmetry. Start with a carefully chosen colour palette, typically pastel hues and muted tones. Incorporate quirky, retro furniture pieces and unique decor items reminiscent of Anderson’s distinctive style. Embrace wallpaper with bold patterns and symmetrical designs to capture the filmmaker’s penchant for visual symmetry. Focus on curated details, from framed artwork to carefully arranged knick-knacks. Lighting is crucial; opt for soft, warm lighting to create a cozy atmosphere. The key lies in harmonizing eccentricity with a sense of order, transforming your living space into a scene from a Wes Anderson film.

With this in mind, the property experts at Savoy Stewart have put together their top tips on how you can emulate the Wes Anderson style in your own interiors.

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How to Create the Wes Anderson Look in Your Home

Focus on color

The use of color plays a crucial role in Wes Anderson’s films and is a vital part of what makes his style so distinctive and iconic. 

For film buffs looking to replicate this aesthetic in their homes, look at incorporating candy colors, pastels and jewel tones into your home, and consider blocking colors together. Decide on a deliberate color scheme for specific rooms and consider the atmosphere you want the space to give off. For a calming room, consider a range of blue tones. If you’re looking to create an energetic and playful space, focus on bright yellows or pinks. 

You could also style a room around a specific piece of furniture or decor that you love, such as a blue sofa or a yellow side table. Choose colors that are the same tone or compliment your favorite item, and use this as the base of your space. 

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Symmetry and balance

Famous for his symmetrical cinematography, it’s important to incorporate balance and harmony when recreating Wes Anderson’s style. 

Find the center of your room and create a mirror image of this. Matching side tables and lamps, creating a balanced gallery wall or curating the trinkets and books on your shelves can be an easy way to start on a Wes Anderson inspired home. 

However, to give off a true impression of the Wes Anderson aesthetic, it’s important to note that not everything has to match perfectly as you still want the room to feel playful rather than strictly ordered.

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Hide clutter

Consider finding ways to hide any clutter or functional items that don’t fit into the Wes Anderson aesthetic. Focus on the details in your home and choose objects that are visually striking and match the interior.

As the style of these interiors is bold and curated, having day-to-day items that don’t match this can take away from the style and create a disorganized looking room.

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Patterned wallpaper

Look for fun, playful and eccentric patterned wallpaper that fits the mood you’re wanting your room to have. 

You could consider an eye-catching floral design or opt for more geometric or striped patterns for your walls. Select wallpapers that complement your chosen palette to keep your space looking deliberate and curated. 

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Clean lines and shapes

Checked patterns, geometric shapes and curved lines are all used in Wes Anderson films and can create an eccentric, whimsical space. 

Experiment with the shapes you like, and how these mix with any patterns you want in your space. Remember less is more, so it’s key to use clean lines in your home! Try to avoid your room feeling overwhelming to look at.

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When it comes to the smaller items, you may want to consider buying a couple of them, as Wes Anderson likes to repeat decor in his films (for instance, in The French Dispatch you’ll see three telephones lined along the editor’s desk). 

This could be recreated in your own home by lining up a few candlestick holders or glass vases, creating a picture or photo wall, or even positioning the cushions on your sofa. 

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Vintage pieces 

Look for eccentric, retro pieces that would fit the art nouveau era prevalent in Wes Anderson’s films. Combine eras together to get a quirky and eclectic interior that feels curated, offering a twist on the traditional. 

You could also look for antique furniture and decor to recreate a Grand Budapest Hotel aesthetic. Paint them in bold colors that match your chosen palette to bring whimsy to the room. 

Remember that color and shape are important for this design style, so finding furnishings may take a longer period of time if you’re wanting to recreate Anderson’s aesthetic. 

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