ART DIRECTORS GUILD AWARDS: Which Commercial Would You Choose?

The Art Director’s Guild Awards taking place tomorrow have nominated the best in production design/art direction. Every year I always forget that they include a category for commercials and music videos. I found it interesting this year no music videos received a nomination; all five nominations are commercials. I myself stopped doing commercials because I generally found them uncreative and soul-sucking but I found these commercials (while I’m sure soul-sucking) at the very least extremely creative and thoughtful. While commercials can afford to spend thousands on the perfect commercial to hawk their products, music video budgets are dwindling on par with record sales. Music videos used to be the place you could let your art direction freak flag fly but it’s great to see, as there becomes less opportunity in music videos, commercials are letting loose and becoming more creative than ever. Check out these nominations and watch the videos. It’s just about the only category you can watch all the nominations and make a decision in less than ten minutes!

Full list of Art Director’s Guild nominations: click here.

The Commercials:

Got Milk? Commercial | The Dentist | Production Designer: Jeffrey Beecroft

Farmers Insurance Commercial | Frozen Pipes | Production Designer: Ken Averill

Capital One Commercial | Rapunzel | Production Designer: Jeremy Reed

Ford Fiesta Commercial | Launch | Production Designer: Floyd Albee

Dos Equis Commercial | Ice Fishing | Production Designer: Jesse Benson

Based solely on the production design, which commercial would you vote for, and why, if you had a say at the Art Director’s Guild Awards?

Rose Lagace | @artdepartmental

Posted by Rose Lagacé

Rose Lagacé is a production designer for film & television by day and an emerging filmmaker by night. Rose is also the creator and editor of Art Departmental where she celebrates the art and craft of production design.

  1. For me it comes down to a race between Frozen Pipes and the Ford Fiesta commercial. I choose the Ford Fiesta commercial but my opinion is tainted by the knowledge of how hard that commercial must have been to plan, design, and execute. I keep watching it to see what they did and how they were able to execute it. The shot was so complex with several design elements that had to be timed correctly but also needed great accuracy when in their final form. Not only was it functional, beautifully executed but also just plain nice to look at. I felt Frozen Pipes was more ‘beautiful’ but in the end I thought more about the Ford Fiesta commercial and for advertisers that’s a big win if I continue to think about their commercial. That’s just me. (Just want to make clear I have zero affiliation with any of these companies.)


  2. These are all great commercials, each a winner in it’s own unique way. I’d vote for the “Got Milk” Mootopia spot, because it created such a complete little world where all the elements marched toward the same unified conclusion. And I don’t even drink milk anymore…


    1. I really like them all too. I was a little surprised however when the Dos Equis commercial won. It was one of my least favourites.


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