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QUOTE OF THE DAY: Design is a Science and an Art

Look at what you’ve made. Beautiful, isn’t it? But does it work? For whom does it work? Of course you can use it, but can anyone else? In short, is it functional?

Production Designer Sarah Greenwood

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Production Designer Sarah Greenwood is Up to the Task

When producers start asking in a job interview whether you can “handle” a job, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘Darkest Hour’ production designer Sarah Greenwood knows just how to respond.

DOP Robert Richardson

QUOTE OF THE DAY: DOP Robert Richardson on Production Design

Cinematographer, Robert Richardson describes the role of the production designer in a succinct but distinctive manner.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Harry Potter Production Designer, Stuart Craig on Holding Your Ground

Stuart Craig, Oscar-winning Production Designer of Gandhi and Harry Potter discusses what it takes to make it in production design

QUOTE OF THE DAY: H.R. Giger on Quality Control

‘Alien’ concept designer, H.R. Giger, considers the good fortune if even just one scene turns out the way it was initially planned, taking in great consideration the idea of quality control

QUOTE OF THE DAY: William Cameron Menzies on the Role of the Production Designer

Legendary production designer of Gone With The Wind, William Cameron Menzies describes the various sensibilities he believes a production designer should have

Alex McDowell on Technology in Production Design

Alex McDowell discusses the inevitability of meaningfully adopting new visual effects technologies into the production design process

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Tim Burton & Horror

Tim Burton recalls his particular predisposition towards horror as entertainment as early as childhood

Haskell Wexler on Doing the Best You Can

“If you can spend your time doing the best you can doing shit- then why do it.” – Haskell Wexler Thoughts?


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