INSPIRATION: Roberto Cavalli’s Ultimate Guy Pad

If you just heard a noise it was probably the sound of my jaw-dropping gasp as I looked at photos of Roberto Cavalli’s ‘Ultimate Guy Pad’ in T Magazine’s Design and Living Summer 2009 issue. Read that article and for God’s sake look at the stunning photos.

Tying the Knot

I learned how to load a truck and tie it down the hard way. Hopefully you won’t have to learn this way. If you follow the links provided you will learn how to tie a trucker’s hitch knot and a bowline knot.


Production design film stills that inspire me to do better everyday.

Who am I? Just a determined girl with a new blog

So here goes… my first blog post… ever. My name is Rose. I live and work in Toronto, Canada primarily as a production designer or art director on independent films. I often

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