Film Job Boards and Filmmaking Crew Directories for Media Professionals

While most film and television industry crew jobs are filled by word of mouth and a well-earned reputation, it’s wise to seek out film job websites and filmmaking crew directories when you’re in the early stages of your way up the ladder. Websites like these will alert you of new job opportunities and give producers and employers a simple and easily searchable way to find you and your applicable skills and experience that they may be looking for.

“Always remember: It’s a marathon, not a race.”

Many websites charge a fee to apply for these jobs, so please remember this. LinkedIn and Facebook remain increasingly great free resources for introductions and job-seeking in the film industry, but film job search websites are still an excellent place to look.

Below, we share a thorough list of these film and television job search websites and film crew directories so you can decide which sites you may gain the most value from based on your city, skills, and expertise.

Lastly, while these websites can be invaluable at times, remember to stay on top of making the occasional “cold call,” frequent email introductions, and attending as many networking opportunities as you can– which make all the difference in the success of your film career. Always remember: it’s a marathon, not a race.

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