Job Descriptions


Armourer: Deals with prop firearms, which requires a license.

Art Director: A position directly underneath the production designer; manages the artists and craftspeople that create the sets to follow through on the designer’s vision.

Assistant Art Director: Implements the instructions of the art director, such as creating graphics and researching information.

Buyer: Purchases or rents the set dressing and decoration.

Construction Co-ordinator: Manages the construction of sets. They buy materials and supervise the construction crew.

Greensman: Organizes and designs the landscaping and greenery in a film.

Head Carpenter: Foreman of all carpenters on set.

Illustrator: Creates visuals to convey the vision of the production designer.

Key Scenic: In charge of treating the sets to create the appearance of materials like wood, brick, or concrete.

Lead Man: The foreman of the set crew.

Production Designer: Working with the director and director of photography, the production designer creates the look and feel of the film.

Props Master: Finds or creates every prop that appears in a film.

Set Decorator: Researches and obtains all of the objects that are used to dress the set, such as drapery, furniture, street items and more.

Set Designer: The draftsman who creates the blueprints of the sets as specified by the production designer.