Published by the Art Director’s Guild, featuring articles about the guild and its members as well as the work they have produced, in addition to technological advances in the industry and issues that pertain to guild members. Perspective is available for free online.


WEBSITE | BI-MONTHLY | US: $6/issue | CDN:$6/issue | EURO: €4/issue*



The magazine of the Set Decorator’s Society of America, focusing on the phenomenal set decoration created by its members. Set Decor offers an inside look into the set decor of many contemporary films and television shows. Curious as to where they source the vintage toys and comics in Super 8? Thought about how the set decor between the houses differentiates the different families in Modern Family? This is the magazine for you. Set Decor is available for free online.

WEBSITE | QUARTERLY | Subscriptions currently unavailable



The Scenographer focuses on the entertainment industry: showcasing production design, set decor and costume design for film, theatre and television. A quality periodical with elegant graphics, richly illustrated with colour photographs and original artwork. Contents include exclusive interviews with designers plus in-depth articles on the best in live and filmed entertainment.” (Source)

WEBSITE | BI-MONTHLY | US: $17/yr | CDN: $16/yr | EURO: €12/yr*



The Costume Designer is a magazine published by the Costume Designer’s Guild, Local 892 of IATSE. With features like “Sketch to Screen”, “Meet the Assistants” and “A Look Back”, it’s a great resource for members of the art department to learn more about the intricacy of costume design. The Costume Designer is available for free online.

WEBSITE |QUARTERLY | Available Online



“The magazine of the American Society of Cinematographers. American Cinematographer focuses on the art and craft of cinematography, going behind the scenes on domestic and international productions of all shapes and sizes. The magazine features in-depth interviews with cinematographers, directors and some of their key collaborators at every stage of production.” (Source)

WEBSITE | MONTHLY | US: $30/yr | CDN: $50/yr | EURO: €50/yr*



Canadian Cinematographer covers the full spectrum of cinematography – film, television, HD and digital production techniques. Each issue contains feature articles, interviews, industry news and latest equipment updates.” (Source)

WEBSITE |MONTHLY | US: $45/yr | CDN: $40/yr | EURO: 38/yr*



  “Within Cinefex’s pages can be found lengthy and detailed articles about the special effects (both physical and CGI) of a certain upcoming movie, composed mainly of various interviews with the people involved and coupled with extensive behind-the-scenes photographs. Being a professional industry publication, Cinefex also comprises full-page advertisements for special effects houses, as well as acknowledgements and dedications, such as obituaries.” (Source)

 WEBSITE | QUARTERLY | US: $36/yr | CDN: $48/yr | EURO: €43/yr*



Locations MagazineLocations Magazine is the official magazine of the Association of Film Commissioners International. Showcases locations and facilities for film in addition to film financing trends and industry personality profiles. The last issue of Locations Magazine was published in May 2012. All issues of the magazine are still available in the archive.




Beyond Cinema

Beyond Cinema Magazine goes beyond the screen, beyond the talent, the directors, the industry, the editing room, the trends, the lifestyle and the art of cinema. Beyond Cinema provides perspective from and to a wide audience from avid film festival attendees to film industry professionals. Established to be a platform for discussion, education and entertainment, Beyond Cinema is published three times annually, Beyond Cinema serves an important role in the industry as it speaks to film enthusiasts and professionals; connecting filmmakers with their constituents and loyal fans.




“Architectural Digest’s principal subject is interior design, not — as the name of the magazine might suggest — architecture more generally. Architectural Digest is aimed at an affluent and style-conscious readership. It bills itself as the “International magazine of interior design”. Each issue is largely devoted to the critique and analysis of trends and fashions in interior design.” (Source)

WEBSITE | MONTHLY | US: $20/yr | CDN: $60/yr | EURO: €49/yr*



With the tagline “At Home In the Modern World”, Dwell focuses on modern residential interior design and architecture. Their mantra is to show that modern architecture can not only be gorgeous, but comfortable and welcoming as well.


WEBSITE | MONTHLY | US: $20/yr | CDN: $40/yr | EURO: 34/yr*



Interior Design consists of articles about interior design trends, inspiration, and news. Everything from flooring and furniture to textiles is covered. The magazine also covers different types of projects, such as sustainable design, medical workplaces, institutional building ideas, and retail design.

WEBSITE | MONTHLY | US: $60/yr | CDN: $87/yr | EURO: €131/yr*



 “The World of Interiors is acknowledged as the most influential, inspiring and lavishly produced design and decoration magazine money can buy. The integrity of its editorial is matched by the quality of its production and by its ability to bring together the broadest spectrum of houses, art features and product shoots. It is a unique resource for affluent and intelligent individuals who are passionate about the way they live.” (Source)

WEBSITE | MONTHLY | US: $109/yr | CDN: $109/yr | EURO: €103/yr*



Wallpaper* is a magazine focused on many topics: art, architecture, interior design, fashion, artwork, cars, and travel. Flipping through the website or magazine, there’s much inspiration to be had.


WEBSITE | MONTHLY | US: $50/yr | CDN: $50/yr | EURO: €73/yr*



“In its pages, Azure profiles international designers and architects, reports on major trade fairs in North America and Europe and investigates design issues related to our changing society. Presenting and exploring innovative projects, materials, products and ideas, Azure is an indispensable resource for architects, designers and the design-savvy public.” (Source)

WEBSITE | BI-MONTHLY | US: $35/yr | CDN: $35/yr | EURO: 45/yr*



“Elle Decor is the ultimate guide to decorating and design and the indispensable go-to source for everyone who wants to create a more beautiful life.Whether your taste is classic or contemporary—or an eclectic mix of both—you’ll find ideas and inspiration, the latest information and products, and tools to help you decorate, renovate, and entertain stylishly. ” (Source)

WEBSITE | MONTHLY | US: $17/yr | CDN: $25/yr | EURO: €31/yr*



Print covers commercial, social, and environmental design from every angle. Engagingly written by cultural reporters and critics who look at design in its social, political, and historical contexts, Print explores why our world looks the way it looks, and why the way it looks matters.” (Source)

WEBSITE | BI-MONTHLY | US: $40/yr | CDN: $55/yr | EURO: €57/yr*



With emphasis on fashion, beauty, culture, art and design, W magazine features fashion editorials, the latest trends from the runway, coverage of entertainment and cultural affairs, and house tours showcasing innovative residential architecture.


WEBSITE | MONTHLY | US: $12/yr | CDN: $60/yr | EURO: €68/yr*



With its’ first issue printed in 1892, Vogue is one of the longest-running magazines around, with 17 different editions around the world. Vogue displays cutting-edge fashion with gorgeous photography – it’s no wonder it’s commonly heralded as the most influential fashion magazine.

WEBSITE | MONTHLY | US: $15/yr | CDN: $50/yr | EURO: 49/yr*



Much like Vogue, Vanity Fair’s beautiful editorial photos showcase the latest trends in fashion. In addition to fashion, the magazine features articles on pop culture, entertainment, and current affairs.


WEBSITE | MONTHLY | US: $20/yr | CDN: $38/yr | EURO: €47/yr*



“Filmmaker is a quarterly publication magazine covering issues relating to independent film. The magazine includes interviews, case studies, financing and distribution information, festival reports, technical and production updates, legal pointers, and filmmakers on filmmaking in their own words.” (Source)

WEBSITE | QUARTERLY | US: $18/yr | CDN: $20/yr | EURO: €28/yr*



“MovieMaker is a magazine focused on the art and business of making movies with a special emphasis on independent film. Feature article topics include moviemaking techniques and “how to,” trends, technology and new product updates. Content is directed at the audience as well as the artist through discussion of contemporary independent and studio films and classic cinema.” (Source)

WEBSITE | BI-MONTHLY | US: $22/yr | CDN: $28/yr | EURO: €42/yr*




*All prices subject to change