Best Production Design & Film Websites

Dive in to the best production design websites for film and television out there. If you’re interested in production design, set design, graphic design, set decoration, visual effects, props, architecture, interior design, or filmmaking in general, these websites will help guide you to the next level.

Leading Film Trade Websites

The Hollywood Reporter



Below The Line News

Below the Line

Below the Line has been the serving the film community as the “Voice of the Crew” for over ten years – in print, online and as a dynamic daily email newsletter. Below the Line offers daily editorial content, the best searchable production listings in the film industry and a growing worldwide database of both industry personnel and resources.


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Production Design Websites

Art Departmental

Art Departmental is a website dedicated to production design and the art department for film and television creatives. Art Departmental creates inspired original content, provides quality resources, and connects film and television creatives in a positive and honest environment.


Art Directors Guild – ADG

The Art Directors Guild, IATSE Local 800 is an international union, which represents employees in the entertainment industry. Local 800 is comprised of Art Directors, Graphic Artists, Illustrators, Matte Artists, Model Makers, Scenic Artists, Set Designers and Title Artists.


Set Decor – SDSA

Set Decorators Society of America is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to the support of the past, present and future of our profession. Members include qualified Set Decorators of Motion Pictures and Television, including commercials and music videos.


Production Designers Collective

The Production Designers Collective is a group of colleagues dedicated to mutual support through sharing knowledge, encouragement and experience. The PDC enables its members to exchange professional experiences, give and receive advice and discuss current issues in the field.


Interiors Journal

Interiors is an online publication about architecture and film. It explores the relationship between film and architecture in its creation of architectural floor plans while also offering film reviews and a broader survey of film and architecture.


The Designer’s Assistant

The Designer’s Assistant is a blog by set designer, Randall Wilkins. It intends to be both a site to share design information as well as a way to share Hollywood history, stories, books, design tools, reference material and anything else that might be of use to others in the film design community.


Pushing Pixels

Pushing Pixels is run by Kirill Grouchnikov and he often interviews visual storytellers including production designers, graphic designers, and concept artists.

Art Stars

Production Designers are often like magicians- they have secrets and are not in the habit of sharing them. However, on the Art Stars blog, accomplished production designers reveal their craft to fellow art department professionals and to anyone else curious about how the worlds of movies are brought to life.


Animation Treasures- Archive

Animation Treasures is a blog run by production designer in the animation industry, Hans Bacher. For the last 40 years he has lived and worked in Duesseldorf, London, Paris, Los Angeles, Manila and Tokyo.  He is now a professor for Film Design at the Nanyang University in Singapore.


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Visual Effects Websites

Art of VFX

The Art of VFX gives voice to people who creates the impressive images of the yesterday, today and tomorrow film industry. The Art of VFX only publishes exclusive interviews. Interviews and news about the VFX community.


Action VFX

Action VFX is a stock footage company that creates top of the line VFX assets for professional artists and filmmakers. The goal at Action VFX is to create the best REAL VFX stock footage on the market. In obtaining their goal, they also blog regularly about visual effects.

Cinefex- Archive

Cinefex is a bimonthly magazine devoted to motion picture visual effects. Since 1980, it has been the bible for effects professionals and enthusiasts, covering the field like no other publication. The Cinefex blog also offers a captivating look at the technologies and techniques behind many of our most popular movies.


FX Guide

FX Guide is the leader in pro online training for visual effects, motion graphics, and production. Turn to FX Guide for visual effects news and podcasts. Their goal is to provide the best coverage of industry events, conferences, and of course, visual effects work.


3D World

3D World delivers a daily mix of advice and inspiration for digital and traditional artists, web designers, graphic designers, 3D and VFX artists, illustrators, and more. They bring the very best creative work to their audience and offer insight into the latest trends and developments in global design.


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Costume Design Websites

Fashion x Film

Fashion x Film is an NYC based blog that finds fashion in film, one frame at a time. You can also shop the looks of each frame they present directly on their page posts.


Clothes on Film- Archive

Clothes on Film is a website about costume and identity in film and television. It features in-depth articles, reviews, news, and exclusive interviews. The site was created by and is edited by Christopher Laverty. Most of the articles are written by Christopher, with some content by guest contributors.


Tyranny of Style- Archive

Covering costume design for film, TV, theatre, theme parks, animation, and video games. Editor of Tyranny Of Style, Joe Kucharski publishes interviews, articles, and images related to costume design, history, and new technology.


La Couturière Parisienne

La Couturière Parisienne is all about period costume, from the Middle Ages up to the early 20th century. Access 4000 costume pictures through a database, read one of hundreds of articles, or download some authentic period patterns.


The Costumer’s Manifesto

The Costumer Manifesto‘s mission is to create an online forum where all costumers whether theatrical, film, hobbyists, historic re creationists, museum curators, makers, renters, collectors and others can share ideas and information, find support and inspiration, and enjoy a sense of community.


The Costume Page

The Costume Page is a personal library of costume and costuming-related links shared for the benefit of those who study and/or make costumes: costumers, students, historical re-enactors, science fiction fans, professionals, amateurs, dancers, theatrical costumers, and everything in between.


Elizabethan Costume Page

The Elizabethan Costuming Page is a detailed study on all manners of costume dress during the Elizabethan period. The page is an invaluable resource guide for any designer working within the 16th and 17th century.


The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist was created to start a two-way dialogue about the world of fashion and its relationship to daily life. In addition to the street style photography that initiated the blog’s popularity, The Sartorialist continues to grow, layering front row runway coverage, style profiles, book features and vintage photographs upon its captivating cultural documentation.


Women’s Wear Daily

For 100+ years Women’s Wear Daily has been the daily media of record for the global women’s and men’s fashion, retail and beauty communities, while also keeping informed the consumer media that cover the market. Often referred to as “the fashion bible,” WWD provides a balance of timely, credible business news and key fashion trends.


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Cinematography Websites

American Cinematographer

The American Society of Cinematographers

The American Society of Cinematographers was founded in Hollywood in 1919 with the purpose of advancing the art and science of cinematography and bringing cinematographers together to exchange ideas, discuss techniques and promote the motion picture as an art form — a mission that continues today.


British Cinematographer

British Cinematographer

British Cinematographer Magazine was started with nothing but a simple idea: to celebrate the work of cinematographers – those creative artists who collaborate with directors and play the pivotal role of bringing their visions, and their scripts, to life as moving images. We passionately believed, in our hearts and minds, that cinematography would prove an interesting, rewarding and uplifting endeavour.

Hurlbut Filmmakers Academy

Hurlbut Academy Blog

Hurlbut Filmmakers Academy was created to educate and inspire one filmmaker at a time. It began as a way for DOP Shane Hurlbut to share his many years of experience, his pioneering spirit with new cutting-edge technologies and practical product knowledge on both commercial and feature films.


Reddit: Cinematography

Reddit: Cinematography is a forum dedicated to becoming an active resource for cinematographers of all skill levels.



ICG Magazine

The International Cinematographers Guild (ICG) represents the most talented camera professionals and publicists in the world. The technicians and artisans in the ICG are the creators of the visual images on the big screen, the television screen and our computer screen. This is the official website and magazine of the ICG.




AbelCine understands the dedication and craft that goes into creating every frame, as well as the technology and tools required to bring your project to life. They have always maintained their focus on service and a love of cinema. Today, cinema is everywhere. The latest digital tools allow you to produce cinematic imagery at the highest technical and creative standards: content that crosses all genres—narrative, documentary, live events—and is viewed on screens of all sizes. Staying on top of the technology, the shifts in the industry, and how to bring them together can be a challenge. That’s why they’re here. To figure it all out and be a resource you can draw on, while you focus on creating compelling content.


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Architecture Websites

Arch Daily

In 2008, while working as architects, Arch Daily‘s founders realized that there wasn’t a place for architects to research and see good, up-to-date examples of projects and architectural products. So they built it. What started as a platform to collect the most important information to help architects create better architecture, became a fast growing technology company that delivers inspiration, tools and knowledge. Arch Daily is proudly driven to help architects design a better world.


The goal of Archinect is to make architecture more connected and open-minded, and bring together designers from around the world to introduce new ideas from all disciplines. Archinect was initially developed in 1997 by Paul Petrunia. The site has since become a top online destination for progressive-design oriented students, architects, educators, and fans.



Architizer is how architects search for, evaluate and share building-products across teams. Founded in 2009, our mission is to empower architects with information to build better buildings, better cities and a better world.



AZURE is an award-winning magazine with a focus on contemporary architecture and design. Its international perspective and multidisciplinary coverage – which puts architecture, interiors, products, landscapes and urbanism together in a real-world scenario – make it distinct. Innovative, forward-looking and socially relevant is how we like to describe the projects and ideas we feature. Entertaining, informative and unabashedly beautiful are the words our readers use to describe AZURE.


Obsessing about where you live is an overwhelming concern and endless pastime. Our mission at Curbed is to advocate for the places where people live, by celebrating, chronicling, and explaining everything you need to know about homes, neighborhoods, and cities.


The Cool Hunter

Since its inception in 2004, The Cool Hunter has remained one of the world’s most widely read design and pop-culture sites, a leading authority on all things creative and a truly global hub for what’s cool, thoughtful, innovative and original. The Cool Hunter is not a trend-spotter, trend-watcher or trend predictor. We cover only what inspires us within such topics as design, architecture, lifestyle, art and travel. We remain relevant by staying outside of trends and fads — the constant, fickle shifts in taste and style.


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Interior Design Websites

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy is a home and decor site, designed to inspire anyone to live a more beautiful and happy life at home. Apartment Therapy has become a leading source of design inspiration and tips for real people looking for real-life decor solutions through a fascinating look into how people from around the country live at home. Through a combination of expert advice, shopping guides, and DIY how-to’s, it’s our mission to show how people are making their own homes more beautiful with unstaged and true-to-life tips and photos for range of budgets.

Design Boom

Designboom aims to bring together professional and young creatives from a diverse range of backgrounds. by publishing the latest news and key issues in the fields of architecture, design, technology and art, our mission over the past 20 years has remained the same: unearthing the best projects and curating a selection of the most interesting aspects of contemporary culture…before you can find it anywhere else.

Design Observer

Design Observer is a website devoted to a range of design topics including graphic design, social innovation, urbanism, popular culture, and criticism. The content of the site includes essays, articles, reviews, blog posts, and peer reviewed scholarship. It is the host of the architecture and urban design publication Places (formerly a print academic journal) and the podcast Design Matters with Debbie Millman.


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Graphic Design Websites

I Love Typography

I Love Typography was born on August 7, 2007. It exists because its creator John Boardley has a passion for typography, type design, and lettering, and for the pages, words, and letters born of those disciplines.


Logo Design Love

Logo Design Love

Logo Design Love is a website and book devoted to logos and visual identities. Launched in 2008, the site shares good ideas and identity-related features. Updates are posted by occasional guest authors as well as, David Airey, a graphic designer in Northern Ireland specialising in logos and brand identity.


The Dieline


The Dieline is a bespoke creative platform that exists to serve the packaging community. Our mission is to build a global community of practitioners and to advocate the packaging industry towards more sustainable solutions through creativity and innovation.


Rocketstock’s The Blast

Rocketstock‘s The Blast contains tips and tutorials for After Effects, motion design and video editing.




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Fine Art and Photography Websites

Canvas by Saatchi Art


Format Magazine


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Film Crew Blogs

Blood, Sweat, and Tedium: Confessions of a Hollywood Juicer

Hollywood Juicer founder, Michael Taylor proceeded to march on Hollywood in the spirit of a young man seeking adventure, a living — and if Lady Luck deigned to smile upon me, perhaps a small fortune. Adventure, he found. A living, he made, but although Lady Luck has thus far kept him safe from harm on the road-raging freeways and bullet-riddled streets of Los Angeles, that elusive fortune remains but a shiny mirage on the road ahead. He’s now played out the string on a thirty year career in set lighting, hanging on until the bitter end while writing all about the Blood, Sweat, and Tedium.

John August website

Screenwriter John August writes everything on his site which has been around since 2003, and now has more than 1,500 posts. John August’s screenwriting credits include GoBig FishCharlie’s AngelsTitan A.E.Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryCorpse Bride and Frankenweenie.


The Anonymous Production Assistant

The Anonymous Production Assistant

The Anonymous Production Assistant blog was created for two reasons– first, as a place to freely discuss the life of a production assistant without fear of repercussion or reprisal; second, as a repository for all of the knowledge the founding PA has accumulated over the years, in the hopes of instructing future generations of PAs.


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NOWNESS is a movement for creative excellence in storytelling celebrating the extraordinary of every day. NOWNESS’ unique programming strategy has established it as the go to source of inspiration and influence across art, design, fashion, beauty, music, food, and travel. Our curatorial expertise and award-winning approach to storytelling is unparalleled. We work with exceptional talent, and both established and emerging filmmakers, which connects our audience to emotional and sensorial stories designed to provoke inspiration and debate.

Messy Nessy Chic

Everything you read by Messy Nessy Chic is written from founder Vanessa’s little clubhouse with a view here in Paris… or sometimes from the little café downstairs. For seven years they have been inspiring our readers to see, experience, and appreciate the unusual, rare, and little known treasures of the world.


Atlas Obscura

At Atlas Obscura, their mission is to inspire wonder and curiosity about the incredible world we all share. We are a global community of explorers, who have together created a comprehensive database of the world’s most wondrous places and foods —18,528 of them contributed by our community so far, and more every day. They are a publisher of best-in-class journalism about hidden places, incredible history, scientific marvels, and gastronomical wonders.

Art of the Title

Art of the Title is the definitive industry publication for title sequence design and an educational resource, spanning the film, television, conference, and video game industries. Featuring work from around the world, our aim is to honour the creators and innovators who contribute to the field and to give credit where it’s due. We showcase innovative and interesting work, foster discussion, and welcome new voices.

Movie Title Stills Collection

Created by Christian Annyas who has seen a lot of movies over the years. To prove he has sat through at least the first ten minutes of them he started making screenshots of the movie titles. Then his computer crashed and he almost lost them all. To save them for future generations he created this gorgeous little resource website.


David Bordwell’s Website on Cinema

David Bordwell’s Website on Cinema is one of the best websites for thorough observations and thoughtful essays on film art and the history of cinema.


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