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The Masked Singer Season 9 | The Masked Singer Set Decorator | The Masked Singer Production Design
The Masked Singer, Season 9 | Courtesy of Fox

The Masked Singer Season 9 Set Decorator | Putting The Live Back In Live Television

The Masked Singer Season 9 Set Decorator John Sparano posits no matter how large your video screen is on stage, live personal electricity and set pieces are far superior in the world of Reality Competition Shows.

Writer's Strike 2023

How Streaming Caused the Writers Strike

Thousands of television and film writers who are part of the Writers Guild of America are in the middle of a historic strike. The last time they went on strike was 15 years ago — when streaming’s impact on the industry was only just taking shape.

Barbie Official Trailer | Barbie Production Design | Barbie Trailer
Barbie (2023) | Director: Greta Gerwig | Production Designer: Sarah Greenwood

Check Out the Epic Production Design in the Barbie Official Trailer

The Barbie official trailer was released today and gives many more clues as to the plot of the film with fantastic glimpses of the epic sets created by production designer Sarah Greenwood and set decorator Katie Spencer.

Virtual Production Masterclass

Watch the Virtual Production Masterclass Weekend with the DGC

In this Virtual Production Masterclass produced by the DGC, the full extent of virtual production in Canada is explored through masterclasses, case studies, keynotes, and discussions with leaders in the field.

Asteroid City Official Trailer Production Design

Check Out the Incredible Production Design in the Asteroid City Official Trailer

Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City official trailer was released today and gives many more film hints with fantastic glimpses of the epic sets created by Production Designer Adam Stockhausen and Set Decorator Kris Moran.

Production Designer Jeremy Hindle | Production Design Masterclass with Jeremy Hindle x David Hackl

Production Design Masterclass with Jeremy Hindle and David Hackl | Design Talks

In this Production Design Masterclass Production Designer David Hackl interviews Production Designer Jeremy Hindle about his work and various processes on Top Gun Maverick and Severance, among many more.

2023 Oscar Nominations and Winners | 95th Academy Awards | Oscars 95

The 2023 Best Production Design Oscar | Complete List of Oscar Nominees & Winners

Here’s a look at the 2023 Best Production Design Oscar winner. You can also read the complete list of the 95th Academy Award nominees right here.

The Last Custom Fabric Flower Factory Shop in NYC

The Last Factory Crafting Custom Fabric Flowers In New York City

M&S Schmalberg is the last factory handcrafting custom fabric flowers in New York’s historic garment district.

2023 ADG Awards | 27th Annual Excellence in Production Design Awards | 2023 Art Directors Guild Awards | 27th Art Directors Guild Awards

The 2023 ADG Awards Nominations Announced by the Art Directors Guild

Check out the full list of nominees for the 2023 ADG Awards celebrating excellence in production design presented by the Art Directors Guild.

Oppenheimer Official Trailer Release

Oppenheimer Official Trailer Gives First Look at Atomic Bomb Thriller

Oppenheimer is an IMAX-shot epic thriller that thrusts audiences into the pulse-pounding paradox of the enigmatic man who must risk destroying the world in order to save it.