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The Irishman Production Design | Joker Production Design | Laura Ballinger Gardner Interview
The Irishman (2019) | Production Designer: Bob Shaw, Supervising Art Director Laura Ballinger Gardner, Set Decorator: Regina Graves

Joker and The Irishman Supervising Art Director Laura Ballinger Gardner On Backdrops, Vectorworks, and Flowcharts

The Irishman and Joker Supervising Art Director Laura Ballinger Gardner speaks to us about her work as the art department traffic controller in the studio.

Wes Anderson Production Design: A Visual Retrospective of Every Wes Anderson Film

Wes Anderson’s production designers speak his unique visual language to bring his highly stylized worlds and unique brand to life.

The 2011 Emmy Nominations for Outstanding Art Direction are…

This morning the Emmy nominations were announced and luckily there was some truly stunning television work this past year. Just because it’s on the small screen doesn’t mean it can’t be visually

Production Design Porn V

Welcome to our 5th miscellaneous ‘Production Design Porn’ post. I hope these screencaps will inspire you to watch these films and learn more about their production design. Interiors (1978) Production Designer: Mel

Production Design Porn | Playtime (1967)

Production Design Inspiration: From Playtime to The Conformist to Closer

Production Design Porn is a visual showcase of great production design– from Playtime to The Conformist to Closer. We aim to highlight beautiful design.