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The Red Shoes (1948) - Oscar for Best Production Design
The Red Shoes (1948)

Every Oscar for Best Production Design in 5 Minutes

You can now watch every film that won the Oscar for Best Production Design… or at least a small piece of every winning Oscar film in just over 5 minutes.

The 2018 Academy Award Winners: Complete List

Here’s a look at the 2018 complete Oscars list of Academy Award nominations including Best Production Design and some rants and raves about the nominees.

Art Departmental’s Top 10 Best Films of 2011

On Oscar Sunday, check out Art Departmental’s Best Films of 2011 including films such as Moneyball, Shame, and The Tree of Life.

How to Judge Best Art Direction

EDIT: The video discussed is no longer available so it has been replaced with a similar video. 05/15/17 Production Designer, Jim Bissell, explains with great insight what makes great production design and