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Forrest Gump Production Designer Rick Carter

Forrest Gump Production Designer Rick Carter Breaks Down Famous Lt. Dan Scene For The First Time

Forrest Gump production designer Rick Carter breaks down Forrest, Bubba, and the audience’s introduction to Lieutenant Dan for the first time.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Production Designer Rick Carter

DESIGN TALKS: 5 Things I Learned from ‘Star Wars’ Production Designer Rick Carter

Check out this talk with production designer Rick Carter as he discusses the craft of production design amongst his colleagues at the Art Directors Guild in Los Angeles. Rick Carter has designed such films as Jurassic Park, Forrest Gump, Death Becomes Her and the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Jurassic Park Production Design

THE PRODUCTION DESIGN OF JURASSIC PARK (1993): Architecture and Materials

Production designed by Rick Carter, the final part that ‘sells’ Jurassic Park as a working, functioning resort is the construction of the infrastructure. An abundance of raw concrete is employed, which works

THE PRODUCTION DESIGN OF JURASSIC PARK (1993): Internal Information, Advertising and ID Systems

Aside from the exterior corporate identity (see Part 1) of Jurassic Park, production designed by Rick Carter, there was a distinct and different internal bit of design behind the flash exterior of

Jurassic Park Graphic Design

THE PRODUCTION DESIGN OF JURASSIC PARK (1993): Corporate Branding, Identity and Signage

The true brilliance of Jurassic Park’s graphic design is the cohesive branding of the theme park island that frames the film and makes it more believable. Production Designer, Rick Carter’s look for Jurassic Park –