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Tim Burton and Costume Designer Colleen Atwood Break Down the Parade Scene in Dumbo

Director Tim Burton and Costume Designer Colleen Atwood break down the stunningly beautiful parade scene in Disney’s new live action film, Dumbo.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Tim Burton & Horror

Tim Burton recalls his particular predisposition towards horror as entertainment as early as childhood.

The Academy Award for Best Art Direction goes to Alice in Wonderland

Thumbs down. Thumbs way down. Down, buried in the grave yard of dead art direction down. Wonderland is where art direction goes to die. Robert Stromberg thinks he’s a) funny or b)

Tim Burton Production Design: A Look at the Bold Sets of Every Tim Burton Film

Tim Burton is known for his playful gothic style. The characters in his films live in worlds of contrast between eerie atmospheres and  whimsical fantasy. His most recent film, Alice in Wonderland,