How to Judge Best Art Direction

Production Designer, Jim Bissell, explains with great insight what makes great production design and highlights the movies that were nominated this year. Those movies being: The winner- Avatar (PD- Robert Stromberg, PD- Rick Carter, and SD- Kim Sinclair), Sherlock Holmes (PD- Sarah Greenwood and SD- Katie Spencer), Nine (PD- John Myhre, and SD- Gordon Sim), The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (PD- Anastasia Masaro, SD- Caroline Smith, and SD- Shane Vieau), and lastly The Young Victoria (PD- Patrice Vermette, and SD- Maggie Gray). I also just wanted to congratulate all the nominees and say how proud the Canadian film industry has been that three of the nominees are Canadian. I hope to work with Anastasia Masaro, Gordon Sim, and Patrice Vermette in the future. Kudos to the winner, Avatar, which absolutely raised the bar this year for production design.

Hope you enjoyed the video and you can make an informed decision next year on your favourite art direction. Did this video help you realize what makes great art direction? Do you feel that Avatar deserved to win the Oscar this year for Best Art Direction?

Rose XO.

Source: ADG



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2 responses to “How to Judge Best Art Direction

  1. Shamefully, I have not seen the films YET! But I really liked the video clip you shared, it really breaks down the criteria well and sheds a little light on the broadness of production design. I especially share his thoughts on the ‘ensemble’ of the creative team and how intricately they all work together to really pull off something that dynamic. I can’t wait to see all the films!!!

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